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Principal's welcome

A message from our Principal

Welcome to Jersey College for Girls; a very special place for girls to learn.

Everything we do is designed to nurture, encourage and enthuse so that we bring out the best in every person. Our infectious culture is achieved through strong friendships, excellent teaching, unending care and a deep sense of belonging. As a result, our students refer to JCG as their second home.

I feel so privileged to be Principal of this life-affirming community and have enormous pride in our caring, fun, confident and, importantly, likeable students.

Student welcome

A message from our students

My friend told me that she thought JCG was an amazing and unique school and that I should take the entry test. I believed that JCG was a great school full of kind and helpful people. Now that I’m here I think the same as my friend.

I like that we have sport at the end of the day, and that you can choose from so many. It is a fun way to end the day. My favourite subject is English as I love writing stories. I also do well at science and hope to become a doctor or a nurse in the future. I think that JCG will help me achieve my goals and dreams.

“Chemistry is my
favourite subject - it’s
like art for a scientific
mind, full of drawings,
shapes and diagrams.”

Harriet, Year Nine
Aspire | Inquire | Excel | Belong

Our vision

 Students leaving JCG at the end of their studies will: enjoy life to the full; value their friendships and achieve balance in their lives; have a thirst for knowledge; have a good range of interests, including the Arts and sport, which they want to pursue; leave us with an excellent record of achievement; have ambition, motivation and staying power; have grown as individuals who are happy, well-mannered and able to find fulfilment in their service to others; be conscious of the advantages they have enjoyed; want to have a positive impact on her community and the world; have happy and lasting memories of their time at College.


A*-A A-level results


Grade 9-7 GCSE results


rated the overall performance of the College as outstanding