Thank you to our students

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A huge thank you to our students, parents and colleagues for their calm support and understanding at this challenging time.

JCG students achieve incredible GCSE English Language results

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Jersey College for Girls is delighted to announce that 93% of our GCSE English Language students achieved a grade 9 - result, with 100% of all students grade 9 - 5.

This is all the more remarkable when taking into account that students were prepping for this exam during lockdown and sitting it upon their return in November 2020. 

This English Language GCSE forms the first of two English GCSEs for Y11, with English Literature following later in the same academic year (2020 / 2021 school year). This split is to allow students to focus on specific requirements within each area of study.

Carl Howarth, Principal, says, 'Our students sat this GCSE exam in November, and the majority of their teaching took place through the lockdown. Today's results are thus even more incredible at 93% Grades 9 - 7 and 100% 9 - 5. I want to congratulate our students and their teachers for demonstrating such tenacity, determination and togetherness throughout this challenging time. We have never wanted Covid-19 to defeat us in anything we do, least of all the quality of our education; our students have today shown that we are winning!'